News Update August 2022

The Beavers have been getting ready for their first overnight camp and there is a definite buzz in the air with Beavers, parents and leaders practicing putting up tents.

We have also been continuing with our health and fitness badges including making a healthy snack which were pretty delicious!

Suzie Elmes – Beavers

1st Taverham Scout Group is pleased to announce that Daniel Fordham has been appointed as the Chairman of 1st Taverham Scout Group.  He can be contacted at: . James Wilson is currently acting as Group Scout Leader; we are looking to appoint to this post on a more permanent basis in the future.

1st Taverham Scout Group has an exciting programme of events planned, including a Summer camp in Switzerland for some of the scouts.  However, some of our plans are compromised by a shortage of leaders which does limit the variety of opportunities that we are able to offer the children.

Currently, both of the Cub sections (Monday and Tuesday evenings) and the Scout section (Wednesday evenings) are short of leaders and many of the existing leaders are helping on more than one night per week in order to keep sections viable and running smoothly.  If you would be interested in helping out, having a chat with one of the leaders, or coming along to a meeting to see what it involves, please get in touch with James Wilson at: or click here.

Daniel Fordham, Chairman