Group History

The 1st Taverham Scout Group was formed in 1965 with 6 Scouters, 6 Cubs and 4 Scouts with Mr Bob Tyler acting as Group Scout Leader. The following year, whilst using the Taverham village hall as the headquarters, the Group was dedicated it’s new group flag at St Edmunds Church as it’s membership grew to 19 Wolf Cubs and 10 Scouts.

During the year the Group won a trophy for camping and had started to raise funds by collecting waste paper for recycling. During this year the group supporter association had been formed and had been able to secure the use of a plot of land opposite the village hall. With this they started to raise funds for the £2000 needed for a permanent building. Having raised £100 the group acquired the plot of land from St Faiths and District Rural District Council and was able to have full use of the plot of land. A local builder, who owned adjoining land, gave further assistance by donating his land to the group.

The land, which was situated at Roundwood, a private wooded area owned by Mr Ken Adcock, required £600 to build the first building, and in 1968 the group took delivery of a retired double-decker bus which was used as the Venture Scouts HQ. Through the next few years the Venture Scouts leant a hand demolishing old buildings from which they were able to salvage materials to assist in the building of the headquarters at Roundwood.

In 1971 the Group Headquarters moved to the old Limekiln site on Sandy Lane. The Compton’s sectional concrete building was known as the Lewis hut and served as a home to the Group for 30 years. With the Group expanding the building was modified 3 times to accommodate not only the Scouts but also the Rainbows, Brownies and Guides.

1st Taverham Scout Hut (1024x768)_thumbIn 2001, following a national Lottery grant of £357,000, a purpose-built building was erected on the Sandy Lane site and is now the headquarters of 1st Taverham Scout Group, supporting around 10 Leaders, 40 Beavers, 50 Cubs and 40 Scouts.