What is Scouting?

An international movement founded in 1907 by Lord Baden-Powell which has grown to 25 million members in 217 countries.

Scouting is about promoting the development of young people to achieve their full potential in their local communities and helping them to become responsible citizens.

Scouting believes the world is a better place when people are:

  • Trustworthy
  • Self confident
  • Respect themselves and each other
  • Work together to improve society
  • Show responsibility to the natural world
  • Have respect for other people’s possessions
  • Have an active religious faith

What sort of things will my child be doing?

The benefits …

  • Making new friends
  • Trying out new activities
  • Doing things they never knew they could
  • Earning badges to recognise their achievements
  • Helping them become responsible citizens
  • A valuable addition to their CV
  • Enjoying the outdoors
  • Finding out about the world around them
  • Making things
  • Gaining new skills
  • And most importantly having fun!