Ian’s Update May 2014

Scouting Awards The Northern Norwich Scout District held it’s Celebration of Scouting Achievement evening at St Catherine’s Church in Aylsham Road.  Youngsters from 1st Taverham were given the Chief Scout’s Bronze and Silver Awards by actor Graham Cole from the TV drama ‘The Bill’: Bronze Award – Jack Harley, Toby Thurston & Harry Wesson Silver Award – Jack Matthews Mr Cole also presented Luke Edmunds with his Young Leader belt. Many congratulations go to all the youngsters.   Sainsbury Active Kids’ Vouchers These have been launched again and if you have no outlet for these then consider donating to Scouting in Taverham for equipment.  If you pop in an envelope and drop in the post box on the fence of the Scout HQ in Sandy Lane that would be great! Thanks Ian Colman – Chairman