Ian’s Update May 2013

Water Water everywhere!

The Cubs recently had a visit from Richard Park of Anglian Water. He gave the Cubs and Leaders a very interesting talk about the work of Anglian Water and in particular SEWAGE. The Cubs made ‘sewage soup’ which consisted of a revolting mix of yellow water, teabags, wipes, cotton buds and weetabix!!!   As you can imagine the Cubs had lots of fun making the sewage and learning about what not to put down the toilet.

Next term the Cubs will be working towards their camper badge in readiness for their Summer camp at  Reepham in June.

Lets hope the summer has arrived by then!


Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers

If you get these and do not know what to do with them then please donate them to the Scouts and we can turn them into equipment!.  Just pop into an envelope and put in the post box beside the gate of the Scout HQ (opposite the Village Hall and next to the doctors.)

Thank You!


Scouts Night Hike

The annual ‘Dump & Hike’ exercise was carried out in March with teams of Scouts with adult support are driven to a mystery location one dark evening and using a map have to navigate their way back to base which was in Ringland.  The youngsters thoroughly enjoyed, all returned and were treated to Hot Dogs and Doughnuts.   A big thanks to Ringland Parish Council for allowing use of their land.


Adult Support

We are looking for additional adult support for our Cub sections (8-10 years meeting Monday/Tuesday from 6.30pm).  If you are over 18 and can spare some time working with the youth of the village then please get in touch.


We have children who want to join and make something of their spare time but it is the lack of adult support which is stopping them.  Don’t assume someone else will offer – please step forward!


Ian Colman – Chairman