Ian’s Update April 2013

Scouts Winter Camp

The Scouts have recently returned from their winter camp at Eaton Vale.  Although we were low on numbers it was still a great camp with the Scouts learning mountain biking skills, building giant catapults and honing their archery technique. As always on winter camp the weather was bitterly cold with occasional snow showers over the weekend. All  have now recovered and thawed out and looking forward to the rest of the term. This will involve the Scouts brushing up on their navigation skills ready for a large scale ‘dump and hike’ exercise just before Easter.

BPA Success!

Three ex-Taverham scouts and current Taverham Young Leaders – Alex Utting, Fraser Rudd and Luke Edmunds have won this year’s BPA competition.

What is BPA?

BPA is a multi-activity adventure competition for Explorer Scouts aged 14 – 18 in Norfolk. The event is held as close as possible to Baden Powell’s birthday. The 12 hour event focuses around three zones where teams undertake several activities known as ‘stunts’ in order to earn valuable BPA points. As part of the challenge teams must successfully navigate and find their way to different zones around the playing area. The team at the end of the competition with the most points is the winner and gets to take home the coveted BPA Trophy. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough this all takes place overnight in the middle of winter!

Congratulations to the following people who have achieved their Chief Scout Award.

Bronze: Ethan Utting, Harry Heseltine, Jack Walker, Jacob Green, James Sharp, Robert Gatehouse, Ryan Wesson, Sam Barnard and Samuel Butler.

Silver: Cameron Husband, Charlotte Roper, David Horrobin. Emily Colman, Frazer Castleton, Joe Piggott, Lewis McMillan, Thomas Knights and  Tom Rolf-Gokes.

Gold: Alistair Husband


Adult Support:

You will have read in recent editions the appeal for more adult support in running the sections.  We are delighted and thank Steve and Penny Butler who will take over the Beaver Section supported by additional help from parents.  We are looking for additional adult support for our Cub sections (8-10 years meeting Monday/Tuesday from 6.30pm).  If you are over 18 and can spare some time working with the youth of the village then please get in touch.

We have children who want to join and make something of their spare time but it is the lack of adult support which is stopping them.  Don’t assume someone else will offer – please step forward!


Ian Colman – Chairman