News Update March 2022

This month has been a short one with Seeonee Pack Cubs due to the way School Holidays fell but has still been fun-packed.

We started the month with activities around completing the disability awareness badge. Celebrating Louis Braille and his gift, 4 January is World Braille Day. We previously looked at medicine packet’s markings and how braille plays a part in the wider society. The cubs enjoyed using skittles to form letters and spell their names. We also had one handed sandwich making which got a little messy.

As far as adventurous activities are concerned, we did air rifle target shooting and were well supported with activity leaders and helpers. Scouting can’t run without the vital support of volunteers and leaders, and I was grateful for the support that was given. 

Cubs shot in the prone position as it’s easier for them to hold the rifles like this. One of the activities includes taping a strong mint to the bulls eye and some of the cubs even managed to hit it. I hear one of the cubs got a tenner from their parents for doing this. Good job we don’t shoot every week. Parents would become poor parents!

On the 25th the cubs were introduced to Robbie Burns and we had a mini Burns Night. Haggis on oatcakes and shortbread were on the menu and we washed this down with some IrnBru. Well, we had to have some amber nectar!

They were also introduced to Ceilidh dancing, which was interesting to teach but fun, nonetheless.

Alan Russell, CSL, Seeonee Pack

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