Ian’s Update August 2016

We still have a large waiting list of over 80 youngsters. We are in the process of welcoming some more new members into the group from the list (4 Beavers, 5 Cubs & 9 Scouts) but this will only make a small dent into the list.

Beavers is running very well under the Leadership of Mark Thurston. Mark, with the help of Penny and Sue, is running a good programme and they are giving the Beavers lots of opportunities to experience and learn new things. Recently they have been on a hike around Taverham and started to learn about camp fires! This month they are going on a cycle ride and going to the district Beaver camp.

Dave Cousins has taken over Monday Cubs and is now supported by Jo Baldry who has changed roles from Beaver colony assistant. The Waingunga cubs have recently completed their athletics badge. This month they are having a joint pack meeting with Seeonee cubs building dens in Horsford Woods.

Tuesday Cubs are looking to increase its numbers to 20. Like Monday cubs they have also been doing their athletics badge. They have been learning to light fires with flints and learning about fire safety.

Scouts – The new Scout leadership team led by James and supported by Mark Card, Oliver Card and Julian Flatt is running very well. The Scouts have a really packed programme with lots of opportunities for the Scouts. They have recently been to Derbyshire for some hillwalking and had a survival camp down the HQ. This month they are also going to the District Water Activities Mayhem at Decoy broad.

HQ Hire:
We currently have time available on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the day to hire the HQ for groups/meetings etc. If you are looking for a regular home in Taverham and would like further details then please get in touch.

Ian Colman – Chairman