News Update March 2020

Our Beavers were designing time saving machines this term.

Each beaver had a sheet of paper to design a machine. This could have been anything they could imagine, lots of different machines were drawn and some very good ideas to save time were drawn,

Next, they had to decide and list what would be needed to make the parts of the machine, from wood to metal, screws and glue, lots of very interesting ideas were discussed.

Then comes the junk to build their designs (recyclable material) and the beavers made their models from their drawings with some help from the 4 young leaders.

Once models made, the beavers sat in their riverbanks and told everyone what their machine was, what it does and anything they could have done to make it better.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and made some brilliant machines.

Mark Thurston Beavers


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Ian Colman – Group Committee